School districts across Missouri and the nation are involved in continuous improvement to improve student and district outcomes. MSBA is committed to supporting continuous improvement efforts in Missouri schools.

Continuous Improvement 101 Workshop
This session provides an overview of continuous improvement (CI) concepts and strategies. CI is not a specific program, but rather, a way of doing things. A school board that understands and applies CI concepts in their governance creates the culture for the rest of the district. Common aspects of CI approaches are discussed as well as strategies and tools to support district improvement.

Customized CI Support/Consultation
MSBA offers support to boards and district leaders in their continuous improvement efforts. MSBA can provide introductory workshops on continuous improvement, facilitate the identification of key performance measures and processes, share tools and documents to support continuous improvement and provide individualized consultation to help district leaders improve outcomes for students.

For more information, contact MSBA’s Leadership Development Department at (573) 445-9920 ext 329 or

Continuous Improvement Resources
This section highlights resources to address various aspects of the improvement process, including tools and templates developed in Missouri schools. The resources are free, but some are available to MSBA member districts only. We hope you find this information useful and that you will share resources developed and used in your district. Send them to

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