Practical Personnel Law Webinar Series

Spring is the time for districts to make personnel decisions and MSBA’s Practical Personnel Law Webinar Series is a great way for superintendents and human resources directors to be current on new laws and best practices. All programs begin at 1:00 and run approximately one hour. Subscribe to the entire package for $180 here. Or register for each webinar below. The cost is $45 per webinar.


How Changes to the Criminal Code Impact Missouri School Districts
January 1 brought new changes to the Missouri criminal statutes along with questions regarding what effect these changes will have on Missouri school districts. This webinar discusses guidelines and recommendations to consider in implementing these new laws.

Accommodating Transgender Students
Thursday, May 19 - Member districts can contact for a link to the recorded webinar.
On May 13 the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice issued joint guidance to public school districts directing them to treat transgender students in accordance with their gender identity. This guidance did not change the law and is merely a restatement of the federal government’s position on this issue. That said, it has caused many school board members and administrators to consider how their schools should accommodate transgender students. In this webinar the MSBA Legal Department discusses the status of the law and the measures districts are taking to accommodate transgender students.