Board Self Evaluation

The MSBA Board Self-Evaluation (BSE) tool is available for MSBA member boards to assess their own effectiveness. The BSE measures board practices and attitudes correlated by research to high student achievement. The BSE is organized around the 5 goal areas identified by DESE as the organizational framework for district governance and management. The BSE identifies areas to improve performance for more effective leadership.

Member boards can use the BSE on their own or with MSBA assistance.  You may download this abbreviated sample containing a few statements from each goal area.

To administer and score the BSE on your own, request the free Microsoft Word version from the MSBA Board Development Department.

For MSBA to score the BSE and provide a report with graphs and charts, purchase the scan form package. The package includes:

  • BSE form sent directly to individual board members, with instructions for completion and postage-paid return envelope
  • Completed BSE forms returned to MSBA for scanning
  • A summary report including graphs, showing median response, deviation, agreement, and highlight success and challenge areas within the board’s work
  • Printed report sent to board president and superintendent
  • Electronic copy of report sent to all board members who receive e-mail and to board/superintendent secretary for distribution to those who do not

The cost for the whole board scan form package is $75.

Facilitated Discussion

An additional fee-based MSBA facilitation of results discussion is available on request. One CBM credit in the Board Operations/Governance strand will be awarded for each board member participant.

To order the BSE, to schedule a facilitated discussion of results, or for more information, contact the Leadership Development Department at (573) 445-9920 ext. 329, or