Board Workshops

In addition to the Certified Board Member (CBM) Essential Training open to all newly elected board members, MSBA member districts have the opportunity to participate in onsite, research-based professional development workshops specifically designed for board members and superintendents. Sessions include:

Board Roles and Responsibilities that Impact Student Achievement
This session focuses on maximizing student achievement through board governance. Topics include:

  • board roles and responsibilities
  • governance versus administration
  • the six specific governing documents that address board responsibilities
  • questions board members should ask to ensure students are learning

School Board Role in the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
This session discusses the purpose of the district Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP), the district’s strategic plan and how the board can use it to ensure continuous improvement.  An overview of the strategic planning process, how to engage stakeholders in the process and the importance of aligning other board and district documents are also discussed.

Performance-Based Superintendent Evaluation
This session focuses on evidence-based practices for board evaluation of the superintendent in the context of the new Missouri evaluation requirements.  The session will help boards understand the evaluation process and use evidence to assess a level of performance and guide growth. It can also include facilitating the selection of what will be evaluated and identifying the evidence to determine performance.

Continuous Improvement 101
This session provides an overview of continuous improvement (CI) concepts and strategies.  CI is not a specific program, but rather, a way of doing things.  A school board that understands and applies CI concepts in their governance creates the culture for the rest of the district.  Common aspects of CI approaches are discussed as well as strategies and tools to support district improvement.  

Effective Practices in Positive Board and Superintendent Relations
This session focuses on assisting the board and new superintendent develop a positive relationship to support student achievement and effective district performance.  Differentiating leadership roles, providing clear expectations, implementing an effective superintendent evaluation process, communicating with one voice and using evidence to make decisions are addressed in the session.

Board Self Evaluation Facilitated Discussion of Results
This session focuses on the results of a board’s response to the MSBA Board Self-Evaluation in the context of research-based effective governance practices. Discussion includes identification of practices to strengthen as well as improve. The development of board goals can be included.

Each workshop lasts approximately 2 hours. The cost for a workshop is $150 per hour plus mileage reimbursement (not to exceed $100). Boards making an ongoing commitment to professional development, boards that are in crisis or challenge, and boards moving from good to great can satisfy those goals through a sequence of work sessions. Content can be selected from the list above or customized to meet specific board needs.

Retreat Planning and Facilitation
MSBA provides consultation to member districts in the planning and facilitation of school board retreats, whether the retreats are intended for strategic decision-making, goal setting, or other purposes.

To schedule a workshop, retreat, or to obtain more information, contact MSBA’s Leadership Development Department at (573) 445-9920 ext 329 or