MSBA’s CSIP Comprehensive Assistance Program (CSIP-CAP)

MSBA provides assistance to school boards as they seek to develop effective strategic plans for their districts. This process includes assistance in planning, development, implementation, and sharing of results. Our goal is to assist school boards in the creation of strategic plans that will serve as foundational decision-making documents for up to five years. The planning process provides the following components:

  • Revision of existing mission and vision statements or the creation of new mission and vision statements
  • Extensive data analysis to determine the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends that impact the district
  • The creation of strategic goals, objectives, strategies, and action steps to address the district’s most critical needs
  • Assistance with community involvement and input into the plan
  • The creation of an effective monitoring system to keep track of progress on goal attainment

To engage MSBA services in this strategic planning process the district must be committed to full engagement in the process per the responsibilities outlined in the attached CSIP Assistance Program Roles and Responsibilities. A memorandum of agreement between MSBA and the district will be required.

For more information, contact Phyllis Barks, MSBA (573) 445-9920, ext. 342 or

CSIP Assistance Program Roles and Responsibilities