Tools and Documents

The following tools and documents were developed to help board members carry out your roles and responsibilities more effectively. These tools and documents are free, but some are available to MSBA member districts only.

Board Self-Evaluation

The MSBA Board Self-Evaluation (BSE) tool measures board behaviors and attitudes correlated by research to high student achievement.

Common Educational Abbreviations and Acronyms

Educational abbreviations and acronyms can be confusing. This non-comprehensive list deciphers the terms you may encounter in your board service.

Missouri Learning Standards/Common Core State Standards Q & A

MSBA has organized information from other resources to help board members understand the Missouri Learning Standards, which include the Common Core State Standards. Implications for local policies and decisions are addressed.

Suggestions for New Board Member Orientation

This document provides guidance for board presidents and superintendents who want to get new board members off to a good start.

Understanding the Missouri Model Superintendent Evaluation

This online video series developed by MSBA, is designed to help school boards and superintendents become familiar with the requirements for educator evaluations and the Missouri Model Superintendent Evaluation.

For questions or more information about these resources, contact MSBA’s Leadership Development Department at (573) 445-9920 ext 329, or