Business Partners



The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative provides school districts with an opportunity to save time and money while purchasing the products they use every day. School districts can benefit from BuyBoard which was developed to comply with state laws requiring government entities to make purchases from an approved list of vendors who have gone through a competitive bidding process. BuyBoard is administered by the National School Boards’ Association.



CheckmarcUSA is a national leader in collecting dishonored checks and ACH recovery. The Checkmarc recovery program is a powerful service that works to recover bad checks and electronic payments. It eliminates the time you spend trying to collect bad checks, so you can concentrate on business, not collections.



CrisisGo has developed a world-class, revolutionary mobile phone application that takes emergency response plans out of their 3-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads, and desktops for immediate reference and use. The CrisisGo application also gives first responders and staff with a two-way communication platform.



You've been thinking about going paperless with your board. Board meeting packets are expensive to produce and cumbersome to sort through to find what you need when you need it. You've looked at several eGovernance solutions. So which one should you choose?

Here are eight great reasons to choose eBOARDsolutions: CLICK HERE



Through research and education, MSBA’s non-profit educational foundation advances America by strengthening the basic building blocks of a democratic society – communities, schools and the children that they serve.

Food Purchasing Consortium

MSBA has recently partnered with Martin Brothers Distributing to bring Missouri schools a resource in food distribution. Martin Brothers Distributing offers tools to help schools develop and improve healthy choices in the lunchroom, such as online resources to assist in wellness policies, school nutrition guides and a on-staff school and marketing dietitian.


Medicaid Claiming Consortium

Provides Medicaid claiming services for both the School District Administrative Claiming (SDAC) program and the Direct Service claiming program. Services are available to any school district that provides any claimable health-related services to Special Education students who are Medicaid eligible.


Missouri Securities Investment Program (MOSIP)

Comprehensive cash management program for school districts and municipalities enabling funds to be invested at interest rates normally available only to large institutional investors.



Provides purchasing cards which allow for significant control and authorization of district spending – allows district to receive money back for annual purchases.



Provides school administrators the ability to deliver personalized phone or text messages to every parent or staff, or select groups, through an affordable and easy-to-use web-based system that requires no on-site hardware, software or phone lines.


Seminole Energy Services/Natural Gas Consortium

Aggregately purchasing natural gas for Missouri schools enabling energy savings to be directed elsewhere in the district to address financial needs.


Tatman Benefit Advisors

Our partner, Tatman Benefit Advisors provides results through an objective approach to help districts manage their benefit costs.  Rather than recommend a broker as a “one size fits all” solution, we partner with Tatman because they do not have any potential conflicts of interest with insurance companies and can provide truly objective assistance and education to meet the challenges of “no increase next year in benefit budgets.”