As schools remain under funded and families are in need of assistance to meet basic health needs of their children, the ability for schools to provide this assistance and receive partial Medicaid reimbursement is more critical than ever. MSBA Medicaid Consortium provides support services allowing school districts to participate in School District Administrative Claiming (SDAC), Direct Service Billing, and Transportation Billing programs.

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When can we start?
The next opportunity for a newly enrolled district to participate in SDAC claiming will begin either on Oct. 1st, Jan. 1st, April 1st, or July 1st. A district may begin the process of direct services and transportation claiming upon enrolling with the MSBA Medicaid Consortium.

Is there a fee to participate?
There is no out-of-pocket cost to the district. Set-up, software, and training are at no charge to the district. A contingency fee is assessed against any funds generated through claiming at the following rates:.

Service MSBA Member Districts Non-Member Districts
SDAC 4.75% 5.5%
Direct Services 10% 11%
Transportation 10% 11%

For more information about the MSBA Medcaid Consortium contact Dr. Kim Ratcliffe,, 800-221-6722, ext. 362.

Obtain important and current information on upcoming training opportunities, materials, manuals and other resources for all of the programs we support at Contact Collin Swearingen,, 573-673-2013 for more information about Therapylog.

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Medicaid Legislative Update

GOOD NEWS!! Rule to Eliminate SDAC and Transportation Claiming for Schools to be Rescinded
Thanks in part to the grassroots advocacy efforts of the MSBA Medicaid Consortium, Missouri school board members and administrators, and the National School Boards’ Association’s (NSBA) ongoing efforts to oppose regulatory restrictions to limit school-based Medicaid reimbursement, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed to rescind a final rule (CMS-2287) that would have eliminated Medicaid reimbursement for administrative and transportation services provided by schools - - at a potential loss of over $650 million per year to school districts.

As you know, this is a significant victory for school districts. NSBA, MSBA and other state associations have fought for almost 10 years to protect the interests of school districts and to ensure that they can continue to receive these Medicaid reimbursements. This announcement is a significant step forward.

Originally, NSBA sought to initiate litigation in partnership with MSBA and several other state associations to stop CMS’s actions to curtail school –based Medicaid reimbursements. When CMS subsequently issued the regulations (CMS-2287), NSBA, working with other state school boards associations, has successfully gained short term legislative relief from Congress from year to year, thereby preventing the CMS restrictions on school-based Medicaid Reimbursement from becoming effective.

In terms of process, the proposal to rescind the existing regulations will undergo a 30 day comment period during which time MSBA’s Medicaid Consortium and Special Education Advocacy Council (SEAC) and NSBA will submit formal comments in favor of the proposed HHS rule to rescind CMS-2287.

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