Can teletherapy help your school district?

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New Solutions to Services to Children
The flexibility of the telepractice platform allows for services to be delivered to children where high-quality services are either difficult to provide or not available. Locating instructional staff to provide homebound instruction to students can be difficult; telepractice is a means where a teacher (perhaps the student’s classroom teacher) can provide quality instruction without commuting to the student’s home or other location within the community. Extended-School-Year services can also be provided in a similar manner, when appropriate. MSBA can individualize the telepractice capability to suit individual district’s needs.

New Solutions to Staffing and Teaming Challenges
Telepractice provides secure and FERPA/HIPAA compliant technology to connect with staff, parents and community members in a convenient, efficient manner without sacrificing presence at a meeting. Additional functions that can be performed through the telepractice platform in a school-based setting include:
• Sharing nursing services between buildings or districts
• Attending meetings via teleconference
• Conducting parent training
• Providing individual and group staff training and consultation
• Real-time coaching of teachers to provide instruction or behavioral support to students (via teleconferencing and Bluetooth).

Speech Pathology Services and Supervision
Does your district have difficulty hiring qualified staff to provide speech/language services to students; finding qualified providers to cover long-term absences of therapists; meeting the number of service minutes in IEPs; or finding appropriate supervision for speech implementers and SLP-A’s? MSBA can provide these services through telepractice from credentialed SLP service providers. MSBA can also provide districts with the technology to include persons in meetings that would otherwise not be able to attend or to respond to an urgent need to have face-to-face consultations or conferencing without the time and expense of travel.

Counseling and Behavior Health Services
Mental health is directly related to children’s learning and development. It encompasses social-emotional skills, behavior, learning, academic motivation, certain disabilities, mental illness, crisis prevention and response, and school safety. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 11% of students have significant mental health issues; furthermore, approximately 60 to 80% of all students who require mental health services receive those services at school (2001).

Many public schools are not equipped with professionals who are trained in mental health assessment and intervention and have limited resources to attract qualified professionals into these roles. MSBA has created a solution to address these unique challenges of school districts in Missouri. Services offered include:

  • Assessment
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Function Behavior Assessments (FBAs)
  • Behavior plan development and implementation
  • Teacher consultation
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Manifestation Determinations
  • Parent training

MSBA, through telepractice, can provide school districts with appropriately credentialed mental health providers through a hybrid, in-person/teletherapy methodology. Features of the program include:

  • FERPA/HIPAA compliant platform
  • DESE approved service delivery model
  • Secure network
  • Planning and implementation through MSBA Therapylog
  • Formatted for use with computers, tablets, & mobile devices
  • No special equipment required