Stay up-to-date on policy changes brought about by legislative action, agency regulations and educational trends with the MSBA’s Policy Services. All material produced by the Policy Services department is reviewed by MSBA’s legal staff.

  • Basic
  • Full Maintenance
  • Policy Online

MSBA member districts receive basic policy service as a benefit of membership.
Basic Service includes:

  • MSBA's standard board policies
  • MSBA's standard adinistrative procedures
  • Periodic updates, merged with your district name, e-mailed to a district preferred contact
  • Related forms available on the MSBA website to members only

MSBA Policy Service materials:

  • Incorporate legal and DESE requirements
  • Incorporate best practices
  • Include student achievement components
  • Offer in-depth explanations for recommended changes
  • Note legal references
  • Provide a routing box for district distribution

Updates of policies, procedures and forms are sent out up to three times annually, usually necessitated by legislative action, court cases, agency regulations and educational trends.

Full Maintenance districts are provided with ongoing customized maintenance for MSBA’s two-volume format. The Full Maintenance editor assigned to your district will:

  • Send updated versions of our policies while keeping the district’s custom language intact.
  • Evaluate policy changes initiated by the district and provide timely reference copy revisions and written reviews when necessary.
  • Monitor board minutes and format new policies.
  • Answer non-legal questions and connect your district to helpful contacts and resources.

The periodic updates are provided in a customized format, retaining the district’s unique policy and administrative information.

To save districts time and expense to maintain several hard copy manuals, MSBA offers Full Maintenance districts a Policy Online service. The online service gives districts instant access from their own website to their current custom manual in a searchable format without straining district technology resources.

A district’s manual is hosted on MSBA and linked to the district’s home page. MSBA staff maintain and update the manual as needed without tying up district technology staff time or server space.

See samples of the websites of current Policy Online subscribers.