Missouri Playground Compliance Program


As a school district, you are legally responsible to ensure that your students are provided playgrounds that are compliant with state and federal safety and accessibility guidelines. MSBA created the Missouri Playground Compliance Program to serve as your resource for playground compliance.

Working in cooperation with the National Playground Compliance Group, we can provide you the essential tools and resources vital for meeting today’s strict standards for playground safety and accessibility, play and fitness equipment and installation and ongoing maintenance.

Proven Safety Surfacing

  • Injury Reduction — The only rubber tile safety surfacing tested by a federal agency that can reduce injuries by 75%!
  • Universal Access — Meets Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines allowing children of all abilities access to outdoor play!
  • Long-term Performance — Durable product means a longer product life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Healthier Play Time — Non-allergenic tiles will not harbor foreign materials, bacteria and molds responsible for allergies and asthma in children.
  • Additional Play Days — Your children can enjoy more outdoor play days without having to battle mud, snow or temperatures.

Innovative Play & Fitness Solutions

  • Play events fight obesity, encourage muscle development, balance, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play on age-appropriate structures.
  • Universal Sport Courts™ designed for a variety of outdoor sporting activities.
  • All steel, shade structures of multiple sizes offering complete UV and weather protection.

Professional Design & Construction

  • Construction teams, certified by the National Playground Compliance Group, work only for you and are solely dedicated to your project until completion.
  • Overall Solutions® provide an installation process that is streamlined with one construction team and one manufacturer working directly for you.
  • Streamlined installation with minimal construction time from site preparation to finished product.

Supporting Services

  • Lifetime Assurance/Life Cycle Management — Annual assessments, repair and maintenance assure you maintain compliance.
  • Legal Support Services — In the event of a liability lawsuit due to injuries caused by falls to one of our certified playgrounds, the National Playground Compliance Group will provide expert testimony to aid in your defense.
  • Financing/Lease Purchase Options — Contact us for solutions which may best assist your budgetary needs.
  • Certified Playground Safety Inspectors to ensure your new or existing playgrounds meet federal and state guidelines.
  • Compliance education to assist your staff with playground safety and supervision.

For more information, please contactJim Cherrington at 800-221-6722.