MSBA Healthcare Consortium

Helping you get the most for your district’s health insurance dollars

The MSBA Healthcare Consortium

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the best health insurance plan for your employees at the most affordable cost to your school district? As health insurance costs continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to be certain your school district has the plan that’s right for your school district, your employees and your budget.

But, where can you turn for truly independent advice on which plan, services, funding options, cost sharing, and risk management is the best fit? How transparent are the fees you are paying for the advice you are getting?

The MSBA Healthcare Consortium: Sound advice, and no insurance sales pitch

A program of Missouri School Boards’ Association, in association with Tatman Benefit Advisors, the MSBA Healthcare Consortium was created to provide a professional, no-strings-attached, guide through the health insurance maze to help find the strategy and plan that’s right for your school district.

The MSBA Healthcare Consortium is not an insurance company, and is not affiliated with any insurance company. Tatman Benefit Advisors does not "sell" insurance. The objective is to work with school districts to help you select and find the best services and cost effective solutions to the budget issues you face.

While many other services are available as needed, our role in the process is to help you strategically evaluate your options, ask all the right questions, negotiate effectively with your broker, insurers, vendors, and arrive at the right health insurance solutions.

Benefits for all MSBA members at no cost

Through MSBA, you will receive access to professional advice. You receive an initial consultation free. Specific district issues can be discussed on a completely confidential basis.

Newsletters and e-mail updates that keep you current with the latest changes in health care that affect schools, written in language that you can understand.

Access to the latest information regarding National Healthcare Reform, its impact on district budgets, and strategic planning for the next three to five years.

Regional meetings where you can share your insights, learn from your peers, and get up-to-date information.

Additional services offered at discounted fees

Access to information from comparable school districts in the state based on regional or statewide comprehensive school district surveys.

Customized assessments of your existing insurance and benefit programs, and analysis of insurance proposals your district is considering.

Creation of short- and long-term benefit strategies.

Expert guidance on how to select a broker, consultant, insurance company, wellness, or other service vendors.

Don Tatman is a health and welfare consultant with more than 34 years of experience with the design, funding and administration of health and welfare benefit programs. He founded his own consulting company in 2006 to address the specific benefit needs of school districts and other clients.

Tatman Benefit Advisors’ consulting work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, Tatman Benefit Advisors will either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflect your level of satisfaction.

"Tatman has been responsive and honest, and we especially like the fact that our consulting fees are totally transparent and fully disclosed. We have saved $220,000 per year, as compared to broker commissions typically paid by insurance companies. In addition, network change recommendations and vendor cost negotiations that we have implemented with the help of Tatman have had an even greater impact on reducing our costs."

- Linda Quinley Chief Financial Officer, Columbia School District

A trusted advisor, when you need it most

Let the MSBA Healthcare Consortium provide you the unbiased, professional counsel you need for this very important decision for your school district.

For more information, contact Don Tatman, at 913-909-3738, or