5/8 SB 313 (Koenig), the voucher bill that would establish a tax credit scholarship program for families with students who have disabilities or children in foster care, has been approved by the House Rules-Legislative Oversight Committee and now goes to the House Fiscal Review Committee. That committee will hear the bill Tuesday morning (5/9). If that committee approves it, the bill could go to the House floor immediately for consideration. The bill previously was approved by the Senate. Under the bill, taxpayer money could be used for expenses at private schools that are not accountable to parents or the public. The tax credits allowed in the bill would cost the state about $25 million in revenue each year, further eroding state revenue available to fund public schools. The bill also contains provisions that would have the state accredit schools by individual buildings and allow students to transfer from unaccredited buildings to private schools using taxpayer money. The bill now contains numerous other amendments, as well. MSBA strongly opposes this voucher bill. Please contact your state representative and urge him/her to vote “no” on SB 313 if and when it reaches the House floor.