Staff Directory

Find phone extensions and emails of the dedicated staff that serve the members of MSBA. For general questions or feedback, email To contact a staff member, call 800-221-6722 followed by the extension when prompted.


Executive Director
Melissa Randol, Esq.
Ext 340

Melissa Randol is executive director of the Missouri School Boards’ Association. She also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the MSBA FutureBuilders Foundation. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science from Missouri State University in Economics and Accounting and her Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has served MSBA since 1994.

Deputy Executive Director
Brent Ghan
Ext 376
Brent Ghan serves as Chief of Staff of MSBA. His responsibilities include oversight of personnel, budget, and programs as well as communications and issues management. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

Executive Administrative Specialist
Colleen Mahon
Ext 340
Administrative assistance to MSBA Board of Directors, MSBA FutureBuilders

Chief Financial Officer
Todd Smith
Ext 310
Manages fiscal resources, accounts, invoices and general business operations

Director, Financial Affairs
Pam Thomas
Ext 307
Human resources and finances operations

Production Coordinator
Betty Rupard
Ext 325
Copy center, office supplies and mailroom

Administrative Specialist
Lezlie Kay
Ext 302
Receptionist, special projects


Associate Executive Director, Advocacy
Mike Reid
Ext 410
Legislative and governmental relations

Senior Administrative Specialist, Advocacy
Beth Stocksick
Ext 411
Administrative assistance for advocacy

Mike Grote
Ext 411
Legislative and governmental relations

Mike Winter
Ext 411
Legislative and governmental relations

MSBA Governmental Relations and Member Relations Center
200 Madison St. Ste. 320 and 240
Jefferson City, MO 65101
573-638 7501

Board Development

Associate Executive Director, Leadership Development
Phyllis Barks
Ext 342
Individual and whole board training, strategic planning and board awards

Director, Board Training
Janet Tilley
Ext 379
Individual and whole board training, strategic planning and board awards

Director, Continuous Improvement
Dr. Patty Polster
Ext 315
Individual and whole board training, strategic planning and continuous improvement support

Administrative Assistant
Debby Duermeyer
Ext 329
Assists with training registration, certification credits and award criteria

Center for Education Safety

Special Advisor
CJ Huff
Ext 371

Paul Fennewald
Ext 311

Emergency Planning Coordinator
John Warner
Ext 311
Emergency planning assistance and training

Safety Specialist
Gary Moore
Ext 200/415
School safety assistance and training

Dave Martin
Ext 311
Emergency planning assistance and training


Deputy Executive Director
Brent Ghan
Ext 376
Media relations, publications, video production and marketing

Senior Director, Video Production
Blake Godwin
Ext 366
Video production

Director, Video Production
Brett Manie
Ext 305
Video production

Director, Strategic Communications
Jade Govero
Ext 360
Marketing and graphic design

Director, Central Database
Eileen Woody
Ext 318
Database management and conference exhibitors

Graphic Designer
Kameron Godsey
Ext 381
Graphic design


Chief Marketing Officer
Kelly Francis
Ext 319
Association Marketing, Conference Logistics and Sponsorships

Director, Business Development
Sharon Horbyk
Ext 373
Associate Member Program and Trade Show Manager

Manager, Conferences & Events
Jaime Fessler
Ext 303


Associate Executive Director, Medicaid and Student Services
Dr. Kim Ratcliffe
Ext 362
Directs MSBA Medicaid Consortium

Financial Specialist
Darcy Frazee
Ext 354
Administrative support

Senior Director
Collin Swearingen
(573) 673-2013 or (888) 786-0570
School District Administrative Claiming (SDAC) technical support, Direct Services and Transportation Claiming, Hot-line support

Brenda Wright
(660) 651-1534
School District Administrative Claiming (SDAC), Hot-line support, training

Lisa Helm
(573) 795-0510
Direct Services Claiming, Hot-line support, training

Member Services

Associate Executive Director, Member Relations/School Business Services
Michael Parnell
Ext 331
SuperintendentSearch, field service administration and business services

Superintendent Search
Sherry Dyke
Ext 308

Associate Executive Director, Board Relations
Gerry Lee
Ext 384
School Board and Regional Executive Committee Services

Policy & Legal

Chief Technology Officer
Michael Grissom
Ext 353
IT and phone systems, network, association websites, A/V meeting support, online learning


MSBA Headquarters
2100 I-70 Drive Southwest
Columbia, MO 65203
toll free: 800-221-6722
Phone: 573-445-9920
Fax: 573-445-9981

Member Relations Center
200 Madison Street Suite 240
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-638-7501
Fax: 573-638-7502


Missouri School Boards’ Association
Phone: 800-221-6722

Employment Opportunities

Only applications for current open positions will be accepted. Applicants are required to submit an application packet consisting of a cover letter, MSBA employment application and resume. Incomplete packets will not be considered. Application documents should be consolidated into one email and sent electronically. You will have the opportunity to attach your resume, cover letter and additional documents if required at the end of the completed job application.

For questions regarding the employment, contact MSBA at 800-221-67222 or email

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