In District Board Training

In response to board member requests, MSBA offers a variety of training for effective governance. Participate in research-based professional development workshops specifically designed for board members and superintendents. Reflect on your governance practices with the Board Self Evaluation. View online training modules independently or as a group.

In District

Interactive workshops address the following most frequently requested broad topics. Workshop content is customized based on planning conversations with the board president and superintendent.

Board Governance
Board Roles and Responsibilities that Impact Student Achievement
Board Self Evaluation Results Discussion
Developing Board Norms
Identifying Key District Performance Measures
School Board’s Role in Strategic Planning

Board and Superintendent Relationship
Developing Positive Board and Superintendent Relations
Superintendent Evaluation Is a Process

Equity Issues
The Board’s Role in Pursuing Equity
An Introduction to Implicit Bias

School Safety
School Board Leadership for School Safety

Legal Issues
Avoiding Conflict of Interest and Nepotism
Collective Bargaining
Confidentiality Essentials
School Personnel Employment Issues
Social Media Considerations
Student Discipline
Sunshine Law for School Boards
What Boards Need to Know About Special Education
COVID-19 Legal Issues

Board Retreats

MSBA provides consultation in the planning and facilitation of governance leadership team retreats. Content is customized.


Leadership Development
800-221-6722 ext. 329

Logistics & Cost

On Location: Each workshop typically lasts at least 2 hours. The cost is $300 for up to two hours plus mileage reimbursement (not to exceed $150). The cost for additional time is $150 per hour.