New Board Members

Welcome new board members!
Find your trainings and other resources for your new role.

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Board Presidents

Welcome Board Presidents!
Find your resources to help manage meetings in an orderly manner.

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Board Secretaries

Welcome Board Secretaries!
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May Board Report

Make the MSBA Board Report a regular part of your board meetings.

The MSBA May Board Report features a story on a U.S. Supreme Court case from Columbia that could have an impact on the voucher issue nationwide; Dr. Greg Duncan, author of Restoring Opportunity: The Crisis for Inequality and the Challenge for American Education; and MSBA President-elect Jan Mees and the MSBA Advocacy Positions to be discussed at the Delegate Assembly on June 3.

Stand Up 4 MO Public Schools

Share the good things happening in Missouri’s public schools.

Positive stories about public schools and public school students in Missouri abound. But, too often those stories are not told. Stand Up 4 Missouri Public Schools is designed to highlight the successes taking place in Missouri’s public schools.